Tango with a Touch of Class



We dance and teach an improvised, Close Embrace Tango that aims to be stylish, flowing and musical. For us, Tango is an improvised experience for two people in a Close Embrace within a group. Our hallmark is natural, elegant and musical dancing.

We offer Group and Private Classes and workshops for Absolute Beginner to Advanced and Professional dancers with us and with visiting Tango maestros. These range from Introductory Courses on All Levels to Themed Couple Classes in Tango, Milonga and Tango Vals. Our emphasis is on body knowledge & Leading and Following with ease and elegance. We strive to develop ourselves and our students into the best dancers we can be.

Our classes range from group classes to private classes-viz.
Tango Group (groups of 12-15 couples @ R70pp, Discount available)

General Courses (8- weeks, Partner required) for All Levels Beginner Levels 1 & 2, Beginner 2, Post-Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Couples.

Mini Courses (4-weeks, partner required) Intermediate & Advanced Dancers wishing to develop & improve.

Drop In Classes Solo Technique:(No partner required)  All Levels

Tango Select (groups of 3 to 5 couples @ R100 pp) and

Tango Private (Classes for Singles or Couples with one or two teachers-Prices on Application